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Cecilia Thurman lives in Dallas, Texas, and has worked there as an artist for the past thirty years. She has exhibited in numerous one person and group exhibitions in the Dallas area, as well as in group shows, competitions, and invitational exhibitions in the United States, Japan, Mexico, France, and Denmark. Her work can be found in several public collections; including Merrill Lynch Corporation, Ernst and Young, American Airlines, and Omni Convention Center Hotel among others.


My goal is to reflect my love of landscape and to evoke the feeling of elements found in nature. I paint in oils and acrylic, but concentrate primarily on printmaking processes, but not in a purist sense. I rarely produce multiples or editions, preferring instead to create unique, one of a kind images using several printmaking techniques; collagraph, intaglio, monoprint, or a combination of all of those. I use unconventional tools and methods, and employ anything and everything I can lay my hands on to record my vision.

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New Day      33.5 x 22.5     collagraph/collage

Beneath the Sea      22.5 x 22.5      monoprint

Eruption      22 x 32.5     collagraph/collage

 Sunset    8 x 8   acrylic on paper

Spring Rain    8 x 8   acrylic on paper

Rolling Thunder   8 x 8   Acrylic on paper

Deep Sea    8 x 8   acrylic on paper

Thunder Clouds    8 x 8   acrylic on paper

Waterfall    8 x 8   acrylic on paper

On The Edge   8 x 8   acrylic on paper

Pond   8 x 8   acrylic on paper

Avalanche   16 x 14   acrylic on paper

Constellation    16 x 14   acrylic on paper

Forest Fire    16 x 14   acrylic on paper

Ring of Fire     16 x 14    acrylic on paper

Rocky Cove    16 x 14   acrylic on paper

Swept Away    16 x 14   acrylic on paper

Upstream    16 x 14   acrylic on paper

Windswept    16 x 14   acrylic on paper

Coastal Mist    48 x 48    acrylic-on-birch

Connections     60 x 48    oil on canvas

Beginnings     23 x 22    oil on paper

Epicenter/Islands     20 x 20 each    oil on handmade paper on canvas

Down Under   10 x 8    mixed media collage

Translations    12 x 12 each    mixed media collage

Night Shadows/Fields    20 x 20 each    oil on handmade paper on canvas

Secret Language    10 x 8 each    mixed media collage 

Sea Floor   36 x 48    acrylic on canvas

Across The Sea     35 x 46    collagraph, intaglio, handmade paper collage

Azure    30 x 30   oil on paper, collagraph

River    48 x 38    collagraph, intaglio

Clouds    24 x 32   collagraph, intaglio, collage

Reflections    37 x 48   collagraph, printed handmade paper, collage

Three For One   12 x 12   acrylic on panel

Beyond Now   12 x 12   acrylic on panel

Perfect Duo    20 x 30   collagraph, acrylic on paper  

Fallen    25 x 25   acrylic on panel

In And Out    22 x 36   acrylic on paper, collagraph

Cool And Cooler    23 x 33   collagraph, acrylic on paper

Silver Moon    25 x 25   acrylic on panel

Crossings   26 x 44   mixed media collage

Echoes of Yesterdays    22 x 52   mixed media collage

Summery Haze    22 x 52    mixed media collage

Just Before    38 x 47    mixed media collage

Sliding Moments    39 x 45    mixed media collage

Undertow    8 x 8    mixed media collage

Sun Song    8 x 8    mixed media collage


Exhibitions at Mary Tomas Gallery, Dallas, Texas 



"Diverse Works"

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